OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI started to title this Christian Community ~ but I thought better of it. I don’t want to start a Holy War.

All I know is, I have an opportunity, to meet with fellow Christians and help to feed some hungry people.

It’s Sunday morning and I have found myself congregating with a group called, The Carpenter’s Way. We meet above a restaurant, in the town of Brasilito. They do not pass a basket for money. – hmm…that’s different. Personally, I give, but there’s no part of the sermon where money is asked for.

We have two hundred hot dogs to cook today.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been hungry and without; if you’ve ever felt the humiliation of not being able to feed your family. I have.

And I have been blessed.

It’s all about love and the Grace of God.

So ~ I Praise the Lord!

The Mindful Addict



I have just finished reading Tom Catton’s book, The Mindful Addict. Once I began to read, I only stopped, for what I absolutely had to.

His story of the dark side, and seeking God, reminds me of my own story and the beginning of change in my life.

Abandon yourself to God and great events will come to pass.

Seeking direction, Flobird (Tom’s spiritual mentor) went to the Bible: It said, If you can’t leave houses, children, and wives to follow me, you’re not worthy of me.

Flobird was awesome in her work for God. She allowed herself to be a channel of His love.

Flobird had what I want.

No matter what situation I find myself in, or what problem I think that I have to solve; if I just let go and let God, my life turns out better than I ever could have planned.

Throughout the course of my day, if my thoughts are on helping others, I am going to be happy.

It never fails.

God never fails.

If you’re interested in reading Tom’s book you can purchase it at….


IMG_1893fffGod always gives me everything that I need. The questions is ~ am I willing to receive it?

Grace is a theological term that describes~ blessing that come from above, regardless of merit.

I always knew that God was the answer. But something kept me apart. That something was self. Continue reading Grace

Good Morning!

IMG_7838wppGood morning!

Everyday I want to rise up and enjoy the day the Lord has made.

I’ve been journaling, for around twenty-five years. I began a computer journal in 1997. I have stories, poems, detailed accounts of my life and my feelings. I have to do lists and declarations. I found a magic in writing. It helps to keep me centered.

When I go back and read, I’m always glad that I wrote.

This photo is another taken during Hurricane Sandy. It’s an anonymous surfer. Photographing this storm caught me by surprise. I felt my addiction to the ocean, to my camera and surfing. I talked to so many people, that I would have never met, had I not had my camera.

I will always have a bit of  OCD, ADD, ADHD and a few other letters of the alphabet. But I transform on the beach, vicariously surfing. My camera does for me what drugs never did.

I really want to give thanks to God this morning, for all that has been done for me.

This is my reality ~ and until my knees bent, back in 87′, I couldn’t make anything work for me.

Tonight, there is going to be a premier for a locally made movie, King of Fernandina, showcasing an East Coast Surfing Association. It is going to be AWESOME.

It’s a different life ~ different world.


The Duggans

      Meet the Duggans

They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season.

Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.psalms 1 v.3

The father, Doug was out surfing with two of his five children, Lucas and Kayla.

Twenty-five years ago, I was driving Doug and his friends to the break with me. I remember, in one those sessions, some guy in the line-up called me an old woman. That’s funny. I rode a 5’10 Challenger back then. Now I paddle out on a 10’2. I wonder if he’s still surfing? It’s all relative.

~I can still remember Doug’s grandmother, being a voice of encouragement, in my young life~

And speaking of relative, I feel related to the Duggans.

God is Good


In my last post, I stated that I was seeking serenity. Peace of mind, is high on my list of priorities. So, I packed my ditty bag and headed to downtown, Jacksonville.

That might not sound like a destination, for a spiritual retreat, but for me, it was. I wanted away from the currents of confusion.  I found a place off Main Street.

I rented this room for a very reasonable price. It was not a hostel, but very similar. Like I said before, I’m a shoe-string traveller.

I went for walks. I found a great book store and coffee shop. I did a lot of people watching.

I walked by the tracks and had train songs singing in my head.

I saw this billboard and thought to myself, “Do people really think that is real fruit?”

Then I saw this piece of paper at my feet.

I bent over and read it. I thought to myself, “That’s cool.” I kept on walking. Then I was stopped in my tracks. I wear a diamond ring that I found, just like I found those words on that tattered piece of paper. I went back, picked it up and put it in my pocket. I am still carrying it. I’ve worn my diamond for twenty-eight years. I’ll have to see how long I carry the paper. I know which one is more valuable.

Being raised in the Bible belt, I use to resent people asking me if I was saved. No matter what I said, I couldn’t convince them. I know today, I don’t have to convince anyone and I certainly don’t have to defend myself to God.

I’m back to work now with a new perspective. It’s always nice to take some time out. What a beautiful world we live in~hostel or hostile~it’s a choice.

Those few days in the city, offered the perfect spiritual retreat. 

I think God knows what he’s doing~ I can’t, he can, I think I’ll let him!