IMG_1893fffGod always gives me everything that I need. The questions is ~ am I willing to receive it?

Grace is a theological term that describes~ blessing that come from above, regardless of merit.

I always knew that God was the answer. But something kept me apart. That something was self.

I had to be pretty beat up by life to bend, and learn to listen. I had to be in a lot of pain, to place myself within a group of people, and hear the right message. In my youth I had a knack, for chasing everything, that was bad for me. Living life, like a moth to the flame. First, I had bad circumstances and then I made wrong decisions.

I’ve been practicing a different way of life, for many years now. And life being what it is, is always offering me new direction and turning points.

Last weekend I woke up and felt flat. I passed a Shriner‘s Parade and felt nothing. I have had years of emotional ties, witnessing Shriner events, because my father was a dedicated Mason. He was in a car unit called the Gay 90’s. It was a big part of my life growing up.

Down the road, at the Main Beach Park, I passed a street-side BBQ cook off and had the same feeling. Certain members of my family revere BBQ. It’s a southern thing.

I felt free of that.

Then I drove to the pier, to look at the ocean. It’s one of my favorite spots, to just sit, and admire God’s handiwork.

The woman in the photo above was hula-hooping and obviously meditating. It was ethereal.

I connected with God, the Universe and all things Holy in that moment.

She didn’t stop, for the thirty minutes that I watched.

I was given the answer once again ~ it’s all about God.

It’s not about me. My wounds are old and healed.

I am right where I am suppose to be.

It’s so much easier when we surrender ~ “to be” ~ in the Grace of God.

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