Motor Boat Motor Boat – Go So Slow

Fishing FourMotor boat, motor boat, go so slow. Motor boat, motor boat, go so fast. Motor boat, motor boat, step on the gas.

Does anyone else remember this children’s nursery rhyme. Once you said, run so fast, you would take off running. I look around at people and they seem to be running hard to go nowhere. I prefer to take it easy.

On my last trip down south, I encountered a young man and took some colorful, lifestyle shots, that I was proud to have taken. He said I would have to send them to him via e-mail. Once home, I saw we had mutual friends and he had 1400 FB friends. WOW…..That really hung me up. It shouldn’t have, but it did. It caused me to ponder. Why would he do that. Am I too old? Am I too ugly? Am I too lame?

No matter what was at the root of his discretion, it has nothing to do with me.

Circumstances in my life have caused me to move even slower than usual, and I don’t mind. This has been a trip of family and friends.

The waves are always going to be rolling in. You never know about people.

It’s a matter of value and I know where I stand; straight in the middle and to the right of the red bass.

Black Mirror – l = 0 + Mirror Back

Don’t go there ~ it’s dark.

The other day I tried to explain the series Black Mirror to someone who is not tech savy. It is a series portraying the “collective unease of the modern world”.

She sat on my left. I  was perched on a bench having a conversation with another about the pitfalls of social media. I describe some as Black Mirror experiences. She asked what is that. If I had been a bit more aware, I would have advised her to google it. My friend, does have a smart phone. But no, I tried to explain it in terms of the past.

Remember bullying in junior high?

The conversation took on a life of it’s own. I became animated in my depictions of the evil characters. I became an evil character.

It was a Mirror Back experience.

Some things never change.


Paint your life complimentary

Having turned my nose up, at an early age, to the snobbery of class consciousness, I chose a lifestyle of flirting with privileged poverty. Noodling on high notes, over the heavy base lines of theology and science, I learned to orchestrate and harmonize in complementary colors. Thirteen notes and three colors create worlds of beauty. Your life is painted in the tones and hues of your choice. It’s your opus.



poverty |ˈpävərtē|

the state of being extremely poor: thousands of families are living in abject poverty.

IMG_4406 2IMG_4406 2IMG_4406 2IMG_4406 2

Living in poverty can mean that you are living in an economically disadvantage situation. It can be because of circumstances or it can be by choice.

But there is also the spiritually impoverished, which no amount of money can correct.

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. (Matthew 5:3)
                                                    Think about it.