Chasing the Turtle

1962114_10203016702880105_6817381_oI slept in a mind field, wide eyed and bald ~ I was surrounded by uncounted hares. They danced a jig to the tune ~ O Danny Boy.
The drums went bang and the cymbals clanged. The hares, they danced with rats. Blessed with raven hair and smiles, that beckoned the Son to Down Dog, they tapped their way to the top.
Late afternoon, at the Louvre, I stood “Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas”. I patiently waited, in the queue. Mona had packed the house again.
The literary gazers dissipated, as I dreamed of surfing the North Shore.
Once in front of Lisa, I became alert. Alert as the fugued can be. Come closer she said. As I approached, she asked if I had an ibuprofen, she complained her left elbow was causing her grief. “I just need a little something for the pain.”
Mona, I didn’t expect this conversation. I had no idea our encounter included audio.
I can talk, but few can hear. I have words for you and you alone.
In an atmospheric state of illusion, her eyes pierced my being.
With those same beckoning Down Dog teeth, creating an eternal smile, illuminating the room,
She said ~
Possess your Soul ~ Chase the Turtle.

I woke on a plateau of lava rock and dove down a hole.
I will forever Chase the Turtle.

With patience I possess my soul.

I am second~God is first. I am a surfer. I am an artist. I am a back porch musician. I am a massage therapist.

I am a child of God. I am a wannabe photographer. I am a shoe-string traveler.

I am not Unique. I am not a writer-but I don’t let that stop me. I am not in a hurry.

16 thoughts on “Chasing the Turtle”

  1. I am a surfer, artist, and massage therapist as well. AHAHA kinda ironic. My buddy Tyler showed me the pictures on your website of us surfing . Just wanted to show some love from the beach bums that you took pictures of. It is truly awesome when all the conditions come together. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the days ahead


    1. thanks for those nominations-I’m going to check this out and follow through. It’s an honor to have someone enjoy my work. It took me a while to reply because of the funeral, family and my surf photography. Thanks again.


  2. Hi Mrs. Royal,
    Another beach bum here that you took pics of surfing. I was surfing at 5th street in Fernandina Beach. My name is Brent and we talked. You took a great shot of me in a barrel and I was wondering if I could have access to it. I would like to frame it and display the picture in my house. When I was with you on the beach your camera displayed 615/623 when the picture was in the frame. You mentioned that might help you find it. My email address is I am also interested in your massage therapy work. I look forward to hearing back from you.


  3. thank you for your words about Shawn……he was my baby brother. And i miss him alot. And you were right……he climbed into the arena daily while the rest stayed in the stands and criticized……but it was his adventurous spirit and willingness to GO and DO that he will always be remembered for. Again i thank you and those others who knew him and were his friends.
    Tony Messer


    1. Thank you for your comment ~ my husband Rooster and I loved Shawn and spent as much time with him as we could. We only wish there had been more. He is in my thoughts often. Long live Shawn Messer!


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