Bocas Del Toro

Surfing excursions use to be different. For me anyway. There was a time when I could put my board on my car drive west on I-10, turn left on I-5 in California and start surfing the coast. It was cheap as hell. It was a bit complicated at times, but it was “true” adventure.

Others were terrified to travel. They could surf great but they were skeered of “what was out there.” Something might “get em”.

I drove through the Chiapas during civil unrest. I followed the Federales to a bank robbery for a quick pass back to the border. I had to turn in a document, ensuring my re-entry into Mexico.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is part of a painting, on my board bag. I bought it white, white, white. It was the cheapest one they had, at Aqua East Surf Shop. I think I paid 99 dollars. I had no idea, at the time, what a good investment that was.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had drawn a fish with a black marker. I had to do something. I labeled the side of the bag with name, address, etc., like the airlines wanted you to do.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt recently became handy, when having my Rozo brought to me in Nicaragua. After my first trip out of the country, I altered the bag. Now, I let it live in deconstruction.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne thing I figured out, through experience is – don’t buy new equipment, to travel to a third world country. Unless you just want to show off your shiny new board, to people who are doing unbelievable airs, and landing them, on big waves, on yellow boards.

What ever…..

What would granny know….

She’s a gringo-but she’s not green.



Emilie Seris-smart, adventurous, world traveling, surfer chic and engineer.

Salt Gypsy

emilie seris

Longtime supporter and avid reader of Salt Gypsy, Emilie Seris is the kind of chica we`d love to meet up with in the lineup. About to gypsy-off on more surf adventures around France, New York, LA and Mexico (can we come??), here`s just a snippet of her story….

I am French, from the South of France, Toulouse, which is a bit inland from the surf. I was very keen and independent from a relatively young age, taking the train on my own at 16 years old so I could go to the beach. My parents have always left me very free. I came to Australia 12 years ago as part of my studies and to surf of course. I wanted to find somewhere where I could combine a good career and surfing. Being good at science, I ended up an engineer and Sydney allows me to do that and surf…

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Many-many people are out and about traveling the world and surfing!

Salt Gypsy

Saltybuds handmade board coversWhere are you from and what are the waves like? Originally I`m from Germany but I`m always travelling around Europe (France, UK, Spain, Iceland, Portugal…) and Latin America. With my parents and younger sister I used to move from place to place, from the city to the countryside and back…when someone asks me where I come from I always have to think about it before I answer. Sometimes it`s difficult to say, but normally my answer is that I`m from the north of Germany where the sea isn`t far away.

After my teacher studies, my boyfriend and I bought a golden Mercedes van in 2011 and we went to France, London and the Basque Country, always trying to live and work by the sea. After one and a half years living and travelling together in this tiny golden box I felt the need of having my own space, my little…

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Hasta Luego Nica Waves

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI say adios to Nica Waves…what a great surf camp.

And to the many that I have met on my stay here.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe proprietor..Mike..and MargaritaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGreg/The Entertainer OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoogie/local surf guide and Stacy/his girl

The surf trail is not new to me. I always approach it with minimal expectations.

I just want to say the Nica Waves Surf Camp, it’s owner and all the employees; Maria, the concierge, the cook/chef ~ the beef jalapeno is an excellent choice, (I have detoured from my food plan!) Boogie, the surf guide, and all the locals that Mike employs here are awesome.

Security has always been an issue on my travels, and I have never allowed myself to be this relaxed.

In two or three hours, after coffee and one more slice of banana bread, I will be headed south to the border.

I’m going home~to Costa Rica that is.

La Huerta awaits me.

To Be a Pro

IMG_0157xxTo be a pro surfer-first-you have to get to the WAVE!

The waves here in South Nicaragua are going off. And yes, five surfers and one girl friend, that I began this trip with are not here.

Why? Because they turned around and went home.

Yes, Spirit Airline had mechanical problems with the plane. But we were the first in line to be re-routed through American Airlines.

I spent four hours, becoming perplexed, as I watched everyone else get into cabs with vouchers, and head to the Miami Airport.

After almost all other passengers were gone, the agent approached us and let us know that they could not accommodate seven people together.

What! We could have split up! What do you mean?

One of the surfers was adamant that we could not be separated, as to the sketchiness of the Managua Airport. What!

The driver would have waited an hour or however many hours for us to gather back up in Nicaragua.

Plain and simple. Spirit Airline would have had us in Nicaragua before noon, the next day. I’m sure earlier. I’m being generous with the time.


One surfer, Bradley Dunham, would not give up. He was going, even if he had to do the eighteen hour lay over in Costa Rica. He tried to convince the team to DO IT!  He was going to the wave. I was in his corner.

At one point, when the agent realized what had happened, she came back and said she could get five on one plane and two could take the Costa Rican layover. To me that clearly translated to, the guys could go surf, and myself and the girlfriend could catch up later. But she was done. Oh well….

I’m still in Bradley’s corner, as well as the TEAM!

I’m here in my studio, honing my skills.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am learning a lot. Remember, Video 101. It was a well-known fact, before I left here, that I know nothing about video. But I learn everyday. That’s what it’s all about. To be professional, you have to let go of your ego. You come to realize that there are always those that are better and, then those that are not as skilled. When you get that down, you’re on your way. That is being humble.

I’m proud of Bradley’s perseverance, and I want to help him get his two-minute video. A local camera man has been hired to help him achieve that.

And like I said, the waves are going off.

As to the girlfriend, check out the girl on my yesterday’s Secondhand Surfer post. She was coincidentally with five surfers and she was the camera person. A beautiful, girlfriend, camera woman. 

Just saying……we pay our nickel and we make our choices! That’s life.

Time Travel – 1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATraveling has its ups and downs. This picture was taken at the airport, while we entertained ourselves, during a delay. It’s eleven thirty and we’ve already been moving since seven thirty, in the morning. At twelve thirty, Spirit Airlines, informed us, that the plane had mechanical failure and we were shuffled off to retrieve our luggage. That was the beginning of a brutal four-hour wait that lead to the end of our trip, as we knew it.

Five of us turned around and headed home;  two of us continued on our arduous journey.

The following day around one (by my watch), eleven by theirs (Nicaragua’s), we arrived at the surf camp, Nica Waves.

We have already trekked mile of beaches and waves. I’m chasing Bradley with my camera.

Which I will begin again in less than an hour.

So, time to go.

I’ve gotta have coffee and gather equipment.