Many-many people are out and about traveling the world and surfing!

Salt Gypsy

Saltybuds handmade board coversWhere are you from and what are the waves like? Originally I`m from Germany but I`m always travelling around Europe (France, UK, Spain, Iceland, Portugal…) and Latin America. With my parents and younger sister I used to move from place to place, from the city to the countryside and back…when someone asks me where I come from I always have to think about it before I answer. Sometimes it`s difficult to say, but normally my answer is that I`m from the north of Germany where the sea isn`t far away.

After my teacher studies, my boyfriend and I bought a golden Mercedes van in 2011 and we went to France, London and the Basque Country, always trying to live and work by the sea. After one and a half years living and travelling together in this tiny golden box I felt the need of having my own space, my little…

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A blog about blogging.

I want to write a blog about blogging. I know this is probably all simple technology. But for me, it’s an ongoing process of, Que! What’s going on? How do I fix this. I fix one thing, and something else seems to go wrong. I think back when I was in school at the University of North Florida. I was forty and the professor was very anti-computers. I allowed myself to be influenced by that. But on the other hand, before I got out of school, I did purchase a PC and took an art class, Fractal Painting, which had no pre-requisites.

But then, not long after that, I was off to the jungle. Communication was limited. I had no computer, no phone, no hot water yet life was interesting to say the least. That was in 2001-2003. Four years ago, in 2007, I bought an Apple, and I am playing catch up, on the computer that is. I haven’t missed out on one thing in life.

This blog is a test for putting my picture with the text.


The test failed! Darn it!


Re-tested/successful/not quite sure how!/interesting/more will be revealed