O-So Robbed

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou thought that spirituality was the answer. You pursued. The banker buzzed by in a blur. You felt the dust cake your skin-as as you grew light inside. Friends were friends, but the needy were God.

O-So Robbed. A bathing suit hanging in the dark was too much for a man with lustful thoughts. Gone running down the beach, to be strolled and toiled, in the sun, by a chestnut Lolita . O-So Robbed. A bobbed wire fence ~ an invisible line. That line of demarcation rules. O-So Robbed. Stained glass, you stood in line. The illumination touched depths. You shared in love. O-So Robbed. Brothers Wolf, What! Crazy. Fall and spin, you never win. O-So Robbed. Shoes went away, with diamonds shining, waving good-bye. O-So Robbed. Children not chunky, new to the world. In a cotton field. Yo ho-heave ho. O-So Robbed.

As a happy bear, when Goldilocks arrives, and is in need; make the bed, put on the tea. Relax and enjoy.


Family Poem

Nicotine/Jelly Bean~Methadone and Beer

Lying eyes/Sullen mouth

A life that’s full of FEAR

Fresh air and Sunshine

Sparkling Eyes and Smiles

Filled with Grace and Spirit Lead

Who will guide us Through our Trials

The family that prayers together~stays together.

The family that drinks together~stinks together.

*yes, you may quote me on that”

First World Christmas


First World Christmas

The days are creeping by. The lights are getting brighter. The drummer boy is marching. Angel is singing on high.
The winds blow the words of Christmas. Technology filters its theme. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Jingle goes the sleigh bells of the south.
Her matriarch long gone.

Daddy’s dead way back when. His bones are naked and cold.
The bird will sing no more. Not that I will hear.
Sister stole the bird to secure her Christmas cheer.
Merry Christmas. Nevermore-Nevermore

Ring the bell for Christmas
Smile – and don’t forget to brush your teeth
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas