Culture Crack Up/Comfort

The clash is the cost of the comfort.

I wake up. I thank God for a new day. I place my stainless steel kettle, on my cast iron, double burner, preparing water for tea. My kitchen window is a frame for a hibiscus hedge. They create a view of lush green leaves and red flowers. It could be worse. It’s no longer the meadow, where I watched horses and foal wander aimlessly, grazing. They were  pieces, of my picturesque puzzle, of Costa Rica. From the pioneer days. A time when no one wanted to be in Potrero. They called our pueblo, the Bronx. Some, simply have no vision. Continue reading “Culture Crack Up/Comfort”

IT can get away from you…

Time – that is

It’s the morning. I have to get up and get my tea.

I have already spent to  much time on Facebook. I don’t understand why I even bother. It gives me a boring home feed. Maybe, that’s because I have my age listed as 105. That’s as old as they will allow. It’s none of their business how old I am.

I will be off to Crossfit. I wouldn’t miss it.

Then I take a trip to San Jose. Or at least, that’s what it says on my calendar.

What day is it?

Who cares?

5 Twenty

It’s all relative.

To time.

Having just watched a fifty three minutes episode about the brain of Einstein, I am in a time warp. Space moves around mass, distorting acceleration. The universe is expanding. And I’m just laying around in my bathrobe watching my smart TV.

I did my Crossfit Class at six o’clock. I quickly, donkey kicked myself into a handstand.

I went and surfed. I took my time and waited for the waves to slow down.

Now I know that the universe is responding to my movement. I thought it was the other way around.

Time stands still while you surf, and then it takes an hour to drive home.

A second movie which lasted seventy four minutes was about magic and miracles. It was all done in a timely manner by a man that talked rapidly.

I heard myself repeating his words in slow motion, not simultaneously.

I could feel the hands of time and the waves of motion.

My bathrobe is aging at a separate time from myself, as viewed by my Smart TV.

They are light years apart.

And my grandmother, watched the Edge of Night, as The World Turned.

Time after time.



How to bore you ~

Let me count the ways ~

PHRASES – bore someone to death (or to tears) weary (a person) in the extreme.

  1. I could tell you what it’s like to be my age.
  2. I could reminisce about my family.
  3. I could talk about surfing, in Costa Rica.
  4. I could fill you in on my latest dreams.
  5. I could share with you about my low body fat percentage, and how I did it.
  6. I could tell you about my tabata and Crossfit work out.
  7. I could complain about the crazy gringos and how they need to slow down!
  8. I could write about the beaches, in Florida, further being destroyed by the “nature” of greed.
  9. I could give you some insight into Celtic music.
  10. I could enlighten you on the need to, and art of meditation.

But instead, I will continue, to watch Netflix.

It seems like the right thing to do.

– Food Challenge

over – and on to a new beginning

I had no idea, I have not written since May 21st. I wrote about our food challenge at the Crossfit box. It was over on Friday. Today is Sunday. I did it with intense discipline. I worked out hard.

We had teamed up, and got points for x-tra activates. We posted shout outs on social media for our Box. We got five extra points, if we beat our initial times, for a workout. I should have not worked so hard on the first one. What was I thinking? I shaved off about a minute and forty seconds. We ran 400 mts. – then did 12 hang cleans – 9 presses and six burpees over the bars jumps, 4x’s for time. OMG. It put me on the floor. Then it made me feel so good.

I lost 1.5 lbs and lost 2% body fat.

I guess I got lost in Crossfit for almost a month.

And that’s OK with me.

Run with the Big Dogs

1.)  Clean your diet out completely for 28 days!

-no sugar, dairy, processed food.

I’ve got a jump on this one. However, I was beginning to slip, with my passion, for chocolate covered almonds.

2.)  Workout with intention

Many of my workouts have been commandeered, by the voice in my head, that tells me, to just make sure I can finish. I go, but I know I can do more!

These are the beginning instructions for a 28 day-challenge, at the 32034 Crossfit Box.

We are divided into teams. Every time we do team work and people are relying on me, I work twice as hard.

Even though I’m 25 years older, than the average athlete, I don’t feel an ounce of discrimination.

I can do this!

I have people to crush! (Which translates to, I want to be as strong as I can, and do as well as I can, in next year’s opens.)

And in the meantime, I’m still editing a wedding, noodling on my guitar, interacting with my loved ones, seeing my chiropractor and getting massages.

I feel good – move along lil’ doggies, move along.


Erin Ridell Carter – My Coach

photo credit – Luke Carter

The Divorce is Final

January 16, 2007 – May 16, 2018

My road is a gyspy’s ribbon, no longer is  hell at one dark window.

I flee from the  birds who scavenge, flying low.

Betrayal, and wind in the pines, are no stranger to me. Continue reading “The Divorce is Final”