66 – Thoughts on Bull Shit

My so called sister is full of shit

I called her yesterday to discuss yet another sister who has showed up on our 23 and Me Ancestry. I don’t know why she would find it a hard to believe that this is our sister. Joan Ariel. DNA does not lie.

My Dad had lots of girl friends. Women that he emotionally cared for. I was so shocked when he took me to one to their houses. That’s just how he was. We were sideline. And the only reason Mama wasn’t, was because she was 1000 times smarter than him. Good for her.

They say don’t take advice from those who criticize you. –

Yvonne mentioned about my not attending Aislinn’s funeral. I guess she forgot screaming at the top of her voice that my deceased daughter wanted nothing to do with me or the funeral. She did not want me there. I don’t know if she knew she was on the loud speaker and the funeral director heard every word she said. The woman felt bad for me, but was professional. Then, yesterday, my sister wanted to know why I didn’t pay for the funeral. I spent a good bit of time, with Aislinn, in the last eighteen months of her life, She had a disability check and she told me that’s how she planned to take care of her bill. Who knows? As executor of my mother’s estate, Yvonne collected the deceased’s retirement check until she was caught and had to pay it back.

As a matter of fact, she was caught stealing felony funds, but they always told her pay it back and it will be ok.

Is this who you would want for your executor? And it’s funny, Angel Bailey our other sister who worked for the State Attorney’s Office, stated in mediation with Tatiana Salvador as her attorney, that she felt sorry for Yvonne, so she just went along.

That’s a den of thieves.

I believe Tatiana is now a Judge. ——- hahahahaha —

Just remember if – You steal – but you pay it back – it’s ok. Precedent set by Yvonne Clark, Angel Bailey, Tatiana Salvador and Roger and Towers Attorneys at law, including Judge Dearing and especially, the attorney Mr. Wright. He thought it was comical that we would be concerned that Yvonne had a problem stealing. Now that’s life. And that’s American justice.

Back to Joan. (the sister) Yvonne doesn’t want to accept the possibility because she might have some financial interest. This is a bit like the $=Love story.


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