Blocked and Deleted/Yet Another Battle in a War I Thought Was Over

“We were not a hugging people. In terms of emotional comfort, it was our belief, that no amount of physical contact could match the healing powers, of a well made cocktail.” David Sedaris

Following a death, engulfed in grief,  people can take on the energy, of an out-of- control fire, behaving erratically and moving in a direction, that creates a veering and unpredictable path. They search for a target to blow their vaporous, hot air of anger. They want to hurt someone. Modern day mourners zero in on their quarry and begin to hurl their bombs. Hate filled words are the ammunition and cell phones are their technological armory. Continue reading “Blocked and Deleted/Yet Another Battle in a War I Thought Was Over”

I Shoot People Too ~ 5

This is set 5 of 10. These are some of my favorite portraits that I am sharing. I have ten more days until I fly out of here, destination, Costa Rica. I have hopes for my life there. I thought I was going to be an ex-pat and live there full-time, but none of that worked out. I still keep allowing my life to unfold; I go where I’m lead. God’s plan always seems to be better than mine.

Let Me Show You



Look closely~see people~beautiful!