Diaz vs. The State of Florida

Fernandina Beach’s illuminous Krytal. Everything here, on the island is bright and shiny, with the exception of air and water.                                                     

In an actual sociology class (I consider my life to be a class), I had an assignment to sit in on three court cases. There was no mandatory crime, just court.

So, I went into the Jacksonville, Florida courthouse and took my seat. I only remember one case from that day. Continue reading “Diaz vs. The State of Florida”

What Lurks Beneath

~ the conflict of truth and lies ~

15069017_10210896040098611_2090539753617735738_oNo matter where we stand good exists and evil lurks. We are powerless.

On the surface of this photo is a small wave breaking. If you look at the bottom of the photo, you will see a crocodile. We crossed paths that day. Me, being blissfully unaware of his presence, until I came home and downloaded my photos. Continue reading “What Lurks Beneath”

Cyber B. Jones

The cyber world simulates the other.

Society demands bells and whistles, words and content followers, comments and photos.

Those in the know, tell you what is best, what has value.

I just can’t go there. Mr. Jones can have what he has, and I will keep my minimal blog at the risk of being called “low hanging fruit”.

That way, I never have far to fall.


No Control

I am a child of the sixties. I have memories.

I was getting on the school bus, when I was told President Kennedy had been shot. I was climbing those three, tall steps, covered with black, rubber matt, when Miss Brubaker, the driver, was telling us about it. I had the awareness that this was news of consequence. I watched her from my green, vinyl seat, trying to comprehend the meaning of it all. Everything looked the same; the green grass, the outdoor basketball park, the low, white buildings that were our classrooms. On such a dark day the sun was shining bright.

I was told by my teacher, that I must watch the funeral. It was history. Continue reading “No Control”

Depression 101

If there’s one thing I know about it’s depression. It’s a heavy, life choking, darkness that envelops and drains. Your energy is non-existent. Sunshine is your nemesis.

I use to live in depression – Christmas Depression – being the worst.

Let’s look at the syllabus. Continue reading “Depression 101”