The Seeds I Sow

My camera makes me laugh! My camera creates a wormhole, that I gladly jump in to. There I smile, gaze, compliment, persuade. I interact on a level, never possible for me.

How do we use language? We use it to express ourselves through speech, to record our experiences or to invent and tell stories in writing. Words are used to convince, and now with the internet they funnel us into a world of algorithms and psychometrics. However, prior to striking a key or uttering a sound, we process. It’s the method by which we form our thoughts and interpret the world around us.

I have my cameras.

I choose.

My Seeds, which is @everydaypapparazza on Instagram, are the photos I take with an old, and injured i5. (updated to an i8 and then and i11) Everyone is a celebrity in my world.

We have our words and we have our visions; the ones in our heads, the ones in books, ours and others.

too small or unimportant to be worth consideration:  no detail is insignificant.
• (of a person) without power or influence.
• meaningless: insignificant yet enchanting phrases.

Often in my life, I have felt like an optimisic  earth worm, eyeing the soles of big feet.

I prefer to be unbranded and under the radar.

In a world obsessed with celebrities, I am the paparazza of everyday life.

Fish Eye Farm is a personal journal.