Creating My Gravatar

~ be the boss ~


Meet my new Gravatar. For those that don’t know, a gravatar is a graphic representation of a blog user. It’s your cyber identity. When you like or comment on a post your icon will appear. A person can hover over the image and more information (a profile), will display. My about information is once again empty. Tossed in the trash, to be replaced at a future date.

Having a new name, I wanted a fresh image to represent Fish Eye Farm. Continue reading “Creating My Gravatar”

Zero and Zippy

Zero had walked a long way. She relied on a cane to hold herself straight. Her bamboo staff, swung with her stride; step, step, step.

After years of traveling life, wandering here and there, her shoulders felt the weight of time.

Zippy was bright and with the skinny legs of a new born colt. He had just begun his walk. He had yet to be bruised or broken. He had spent years on his mother’s milk, playing by the shore, doing childish things as children do.

It was circumstance that brought the two together. They were headed in the same direction. Continue reading “Zero and Zippy”

Southern Speed


Slow down you move too fast….You got to make the morning last now……words by Simon and Garfunkel..

I’m stuck in the South. I call myself stuck, because I would not be here if I didn’t have to be. It would not be my choice.

If I had my way I would be in Costa Rica. Yeah, it’s further south, but North Florida is the south, that I call South.

I listen to NPR, and this morning. I heard a comment about the speed of technology. Everything in social media is accelerating at break neck speed and they have a class you can go to, to assist you in keeping up with the pace. NOT

I like slow. The South, like many other things are way too fast for me now.

I want to be true to MY speed~slower than southern slow.

Where do we think we’re all going anyway?