First Surf

The circle of life. Rafa is the one I’m passing this sport on to. Yes, I hired a coach for him. Carlos, from AllDREAMSURFSCHOOL. My hope is he will love it as much as I do. From the way it looks, I believe he does. Even though he doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish (fluently) we share a language; the love of the ocean.


394463_2626974885499_344919733_nThere goes Eve!

Eve is from Switzerland. She has been a world traveler most of her life, like many of the people, who I meet in Costa Rica. She is a skater and snowboarder, as well as a skydiver.

It’s going to be nice to meet up with a friend in Tamarindo, and warm up on some small waves. There are bigger waves there at times, but on average, it’s the Waikiki of Costa.