The BIG Picture

IMG_0289Here we have tourists.

They like many before, have decided that the best place to view the surfers, is directly in front of me, with my camera. At least they didn’t bend over, and start collecting shells. However, if there wasn’t so much action going on out in the water, they probably would have.

We never really see all that’s going on around us.

For one, I don’t have eyes in the back of my head.

In this picture, you’re not aware of me, the surfers, the boats, or the big waves of the North Swell.

You only partially know what these posing spectators look like. They have been fractionally, obscured from your vision. Continue reading The BIG Picture

O-So Robbed

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou thought that spirituality was the answer. You pursued. The banker buzzed by in a blur. You felt the dust cake your skin-as as you grew light inside. Friends were friends, but the needy were God.

O-So Robbed. A bathing suit hanging in the dark was too much for a man with lustful thoughts. Gone running down the beach, to be strolled and toiled, in the sun, by a chestnut Lolita . O-So Robbed. A bobbed wire fence ~ an invisible line. That line of demarcation rules. O-So Robbed. Stained glass, you stood in line. The illumination touched depths. You shared in love. O-So Robbed. Brothers Wolf, What! Crazy. Fall and spin, you never win. O-So Robbed. Shoes went away, with diamonds shining, waving good-bye. O-So Robbed. Children not chunky, new to the world. In a cotton field. Yo ho-heave ho. O-So Robbed.

As a happy bear, when Goldilocks arrives, and is in need; make the bed, put on the tea. Relax and enjoy.