7 Steps to Avoid Depression

1. Do not listen to this song!

2. Don’t listen to sad, country music ballads, ever!

3. Do not lay down in the day time.

4. Walk ~ wear headphones ~ listen to upbeat music.

5. Help someone. Get out of yourself.

6. If you find yourself unable to do 4 and 5, watch a funny movie. I suggest a Tyler Perry, Madea film. If you do not laugh, check yourself into a hospital. You are too far gone.

7. Write a blog post about how to avoid depression.

* I am no stranger to depression. As a young person, I would listen to sad songs and ballads, having no idea what effect they were having on me. These suggestions might sound trite, however, utilizing them has saved my life.

6 thoughts on “7 Steps to Avoid Depression”

  1. Wonderful suggestions, Thank you.

    I suggest listening to the song ” Somewhere Over The Rainbow” sung by Israel “IZ”Kamakawiwo’ole , it helps me smile. Thank you.

    ~ Peace, love, and harmony.


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