H.S – (Hurricane Sandy)

The H.S. is for Hurricane Sandy. Ryan Hammers is the surfer.

I ran into Ryan and his friend, visiting surfers from Jacksonville Beach, Big Saturday. They were two of the few people, here on the Island, that ventured out into the waves, that morning.

I got to show Ryan the pictures on the camera screen and he was smiling. Surfing is such a rush. You experience it and then it’s gone. I’m glad I happened to be there, and capture that barrel.

In my photography, now, I can bring some joy to others, by sharing my time and my talent. It helps me to connect with people and challenges me on many levels.

My life is blessed.

2 thoughts on “H.S – (Hurricane Sandy)”

  1. I saw the photos. I m super stoked as well as my friend you got photos of. Keep doing what your doing. We appreciate it!!!


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