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Impermanence and equanimity, is the goal.

However, in the mean time, I’d like to do some stuff.

I am an artist.

I studied figure painting at UNF and earned a B.F.A. After receiving my degree, I chose to surf and surf and surf some more. I moved to Costa Rica, for the waves, not realizing that painting proved logistically impossible.

I’ve always carried a camera and surf photography just naturally evolved as my primary source of creativity.

Art is communication. We see a visual image and we relate on a common level, because of the human experience. People that have never been to the beach love images of surfing. Look what happened after the movie, The Endless Summer. Once land locked teenagers, rode the wave of surf culture, to California, Hawaii, Austrailia, Africa, Mexico . They’re still riding that wave.

Such is art.

Here are some shots of local Fernandina Beach surfers.

IMG_7566Like this one. Surfing on a boogie board. How cool is that?IMG_9193Cathching a little air on a skim board.

My blog and my Secondhand Surfer Page on Facebook are my art.

The average person doesn’t realize to what depth, in the creative process, that problem solving is involved. I was shocked when I found out, I had to have more core math classes than a nurse. I never knew I had the capability of poring over an Algebra problem that averaged forty-five minutes to solve. But I did it. Getting the right answer is a rush.

Then there was statistics. The manipulation of numbers, to support claims made, so as, to legally advertise favorable facts, that really weren’t true. They became true, by cleverly creating scenarios, to create a truth.

If you are good at this, and you have no conscience,  you can make a fortune.



When I get a shot of a surfer, their expression becomes part of my expression, a part of my art.

When I chose to get a Fine Art Degree I knew I was joining a small group of artists. We are the opposite of a commercial artist. Money is not a driving force. Truth telling is everything.

It’s an artist’s job.

Art is powerful.

WWII is in the rear view mirror, but the principles remain the same.


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