Creating good days!

Creating good days today; creates good days, tomorrow. It makes happy yesterdays. Happiness and good days are key ingredients to longevity and well-being. How many times do you hear that idea tossed about?

Two evenings ago riding back from the surfbreak, Playa Avellanas, my friend and I got into a bit of a heated conversation about aging and surfing, competitiveness and illness. He kept talking and I kept talking back. My voice kept getting louder and louder. I was working hard to get my point across.

I have never bought into the widely accepted concept that illness is a part of the aging process. Forget it! Your beliefs are your strengths or weaknesses. Come to think of it, I never accepted the idea of plucking my eyebrows either. It just didn’t make sense, to stand in front of a mirror and inflict pain on myself.

That being said, before I left the States a month ago, I saw Piper Austin on a local news show. She had just won the Girls~East Coast Champion Title. Not bad Piper! She was asked, what advice she would give to a surfer, who wanted to improve. Her immediate response was yoga.

Cling to what makes sense.


My new yoga teacher,

Yesterday, I started out my day with a sattva yoga class. I know that as the years pass, if I don’t do something, I will continue to loose my flexibility. Everyday is a good day, to do something good for yourself!

Later in the day, I was back at Playa Avellanas, catching waves.

Does this make sense to you?

WARNING: do not believe these three downtrodden, mistaken myths; that you will become sick as you age, that surfing is only for the young; that you had to start surfing when you were a kid.

Life is what you make it. Have a good day!


Did I make myself clear?

4 thoughts on “Creating good days!”

  1. Hi Cheri – I saw Jeff in the water today and he told me about your blog. You made yourself very clear and I LOVE IT. Thank you for sharing. I love surfing too – it simply makes my heart smile. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my whole life. Some days are better than others but that’s the truth about life too. I’ve only been surfing for a short year but one thing is sure, I’ll never stop!!!

    See you in the water 🙂

    PS: I’ve never snowboarded in my whole life…


    1. Hey again Flo, I am working to keep up with my blog and keep it a good one. I read your post about Valdir. I haven’t seen him out there, yet. That just goes to show you what a person can do. Amazing! I hope to see you in the water soon.


      1. Yes, I’m truly humbled and inspired by Valdir and every time I see him in the water, he makes my heart smile. I think I came out of the water as you and Jeff were paddling out this afternoon – I watched you guys surf for a while and saw you catch an AWESOME left – good for you! I’m sure we’ll cross path again very soon! Peace & love.


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