Exercise and Discipline

The day started out with a six o’clock dawn patrol. 

That means, I had to wake up at four, pick up my friend at five, pick up another friend at five-fifteen and arrive at the beach at six. That requires discipline. Then my friends and I hiked a half mile to the River Mouth, my favorite wave; where I picked off four nice ones. That involves exercise.

I have to work to keep my spot in the line-up, I have to paddle to catch the wave, I have to jump to my feet, turn the board for a cutback, then I turn back into the wave, dropping in again to finish the wave. And then, I paddle back out and do it again.

To be able to do that, I have to exercise regularly. I need plenty of strength and lots of oxygen. Today the waves were small, head high, and not much of a challenge. But still, you have to be ready!

But that’s not really the discipline and exercise that I had in mind, when I chose the posts’ title.

I was thinking more in terms of writing my blog. Once you start keeping a public journal, people actually start reading it. That’s how I got in to this. I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs.

I’m a beginner, so I have to work, to learn the WordPress software. They do make it easy for someone like me. However, it still requires time and effort.

I often add pictures to my posts. I think without them, it would be boring and not near as much fun to create. Taking pictures, downloading and editing them can become a job. Not to mention actually learning to use my camera. After years of  taking portraits, documenting parties, holidays, and my adventures; I bought myself a good camera. Some of my pictures, in this, blog are taken on a Canon A495 and some are on a Canon D7.

Today, my goal was to create a link. Just now, when I saw the word discipline change color, I felt that feeling of accomplishment. In Wikipedia, they mention discipline as often being associated with punishment.

Today I find both discipline and exercise to be a source for reward.

Another example; I will go to my yoga class at four this afternoon. It will be my ninth class and I can tell a difference in both my posture and my breath.

And I’m going to need my breath tomorrow morning, when I get up and do it all again.


My body is the Temple of God?  I believe this statement to be true. However, when I was first informed of this, at the age of six, it freaked me out. I wrestled with the idea of God, being in my body. I was trying to understand all of this new Catechism information. It created anxiety in me; more than I already had, which was a lot.

But today, I know that the Spirit lives in me. It’s my life force and energy, and it connects with everything around me. We Are One.

So I work at taking care of myself, physically, mentally and spiritually. I live and learn.

At one time, in my life, or I should say, in my youth, I was very out of shape. Looking back, I know I was a strong person. I can only imagine what my abilities could have been, had I been in shape. But I wasn’t. And I wouldn’t say I’m 100% fit, now. But I am healthy. And I’d like to be healthier; it’s possible.

For years, I have invested many hours and energy into my well being.

I am in it, for the long haul.

At thirty one, I had gained a lot of weight, and I lost it; sixty five pounds. Can you believe it? And I have kept it off, all of these years. I lost it slowly, thinking of lifestyle change, rather than just loosing weight.

For incentive, I ran a few races; one being the Jacksonville River Run, 5X’s. I climbed Mount Precipice, in Bar Harbor, Maine. I crossed country skied in Colorado. And I’ve avidly surfed for the last fifteen years.

What I’m trying to say here is, I do things to take care of myself. I’m active in fun, healthy exercise.  And I’m going to add, that it was done with less positive support and more negative comments.

When training for the runs, especially in the beginning, women would always comment, “You’re going to get hurt.” When I climbed Precipice, the people that I was with, said I could die, and don’t do it. It was too dangerous. And when I went to Colorado, my friend I was visiting, was sure I would be unconcious in the snow, from a lack of oxygen.  I was breaking free and having fun. Everyone of those adventures were awesome, priceless, never to be repeated, and worth every bit of the effort.

Also, people often want you to eat, eat, eat!  There’s so much social pressure to eat decadent foods, especially in the holidays. And if I do get thinner, then I have to endure all of the, “Are you sure you’re eating enough?” Anorexic paranoia prevails.

Personally, I don’t think people are meant to carry the extra weight that North Americans have become accustomed to.

It’s hard to stick to your guns, to exercise and eat right. But if you want to reap the rewards and care for the God in you, you have to prioritize.


Don’t adhere to the “crabs in the bucket”, that try to pull you down.

Now that I’ve shared all of that………….I have been asked many times,”Do you have grocery stores in Costa Rica?” I want to say there are no dumb questions…..but…..Costa Rica is a country, filled with people. How could we not have grocery stores?

Yesterday, I went to town, to the big grocery store. I would say the equivalent of a Publix, at home. We have many smaller stores, scattered about and a plethora of roadside vegetable stands. I spent sixty dollars for two small bags of groceries. That’s partly due to the economy, and partly due to the fact that it costs more to eat healthy.

I gave in, when I decided to take better care of my temple, to spend the money for good food. I’m worth it. Right. We all are.

I fought that concept, for a long, time though.

Brown is the only way to buy bread, rice and pastas. Fruits and vegetables are a must, as are good proteins.

I know I need to work on my portion control…vamos a ver-we’ll see.

Also, yesterday, in the morning, was my first private yoga class. I’ve been to six group sessions now, and I am enjoying the benefits. At my one on one class, I focused on clarity, of the poses. I need to know how they are going to work for me.

There’s always knew things to learn.

I don’t believe we have to get sick as we get older.

I cherish the God in me and the God in you.

I’m glad I’m me.

Are you glad you’re you?


Creating good days!

Creating good days today; creates good days, tomorrow. It makes happy yesterdays. Happiness and good days are key ingredients to longevity and well-being. How many times do you hear that idea tossed about?

Two evenings ago riding back from the surfbreak, Playa Avellanas, my friend and I got into a bit of a heated conversation about aging and surfing, competitiveness and illness. He kept talking and I kept talking back. My voice kept getting louder and louder. I was working hard to get my point across.

I have never bought into the widely accepted concept that illness is a part of the aging process. Forget it! Your beliefs are your strengths or weaknesses. Come to think of it, I never accepted the idea of plucking my eyebrows either. It just didn’t make sense, to stand in front of a mirror and inflict pain on myself.

That being said, before I left the States a month ago, I saw Piper Austin on a local news show. She had just won the Girls~East Coast Champion Title. Not bad Piper! She was asked, what advice she would give to a surfer, who wanted to improve. Her immediate response was yoga.

Cling to what makes sense.


My new yoga teacher,

Yesterday, I started out my day with a sattva yoga class. I know that as the years pass, if I don’t do something, I will continue to loose my flexibility. Everyday is a good day, to do something good for yourself!

Later in the day, I was back at Playa Avellanas, catching waves.

Does this make sense to you?

WARNING: do not believe these three downtrodden, mistaken myths; that you will become sick as you age, that surfing is only for the young and that you had to start surfing when you were a kid.

Life is what you make it. Have a good day!


Did I make myself clear?