Lucky – Unlucky

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast Friday, I went to catch my waves, and was surprised, by this sight. The sailor is a New Zealander, who had the fortune / misfortune, to beach on scenic, Playa Avellanes. Also, his sloop is resting in a river mouth, sitting on sand, perched between two reefs. I have been walking down and following the process of those working, to solve his dilemma. He never seems stressed, and he’s never shown one sign of anger.  He is diligent in the recovery.

I know we’re all rooting for him.

And help will come.

We never know. Sometimes, the most disastrous events in our lives, turn out to be our blessings.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Day Six

2 thoughts on “Lucky – Unlucky”

  1. I share in prayer and positive intent that patience and persistence prevail in everyone assisting in the process. Sail on, Craig. Thank you.

    ~ Peace and Harmony


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