R. J. Rio de Janeiro


Is a specialty company, selling crocheted tops, such as the one, modeled here.

When I go for a walk on the beach, I never know what, or who, I’m going to encounter. Leaving the shipwreck, I met three girls; two models, one a photographer, all three surfers. They are traveling and supporting themselves, via the internet. We have come into an altered world.

We are living in a time of warped speed. She asked me if I had instagram. I replied no, “I’m primitive.” I showed her my dumb phone, that I purchased last week. I never have it when I need it. And it rings, when I’m driving. But I bought it, because it’s suppose to save my life, at some point.

I became mindful of how much goes on, in a place, that looks like time has stood still.

And in writing this, I’m reminded of all the shells that, I know, were walking down the beach, at the time I took this photo.

Speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down.

Who sets the pace?

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