Brian Bent

Recently, when in San Onofre, I had the pleasure of surfing with Brian Brent.IMG_9740BBMeeting this regular, at Onofre was a treat. The day before, he had surfed on a board with NO fin. I followed every move. IMG_9533BB
IMG_9721BBI made sure I was perched and ready when he showed up the second day.IMG_9754BB

  It’s not every day that you see surfers on wooden planks. California is another world. And San Onofre is the best of the best for me.

I got to talk with Brian in and out of the water. IMG_9758BB I learned that Brian is an artist and musician –– and the Pastor for the Hot Rod Church for Sinners.

If you like his surfing, check out his other links. You will not be disappointed.

Only in California.

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