Nathan Gibb’s Surf Art

403605_10150485426668587_71794253586_8950193_56612703_nThis is Nathan Gibb’s art work. I stumbled on to his facebook page one day and “liked” it.

I am a fan of his work. He is a prolific artist-always with good content.

new lines and routes are revealed to the the rider-on the same wave

This is not the post that I intended to write today. I was sidetracked by Comcast, no router and I don’t want to go to Starbucks right now. I’m penned down on a short wire in my living room. It’s better than nothing.

Today is a day of reflection for me. Twenty five years ago my life was altered.

fresh intent and new purpose is revealed to me-in the same life

Sometimes it’s a cutback or a floater or just a get up and go-life has energy like a wave and it’s going to hold you until IT let’s go.

One day at a time – One wave at a time…………..

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