I Shoot People Too ~ 8


is in the eye.

Each person’s eye ~ I ~, is their personal vision to God. It cannot be shared. It is singular.

If a person does not have God at their center, they will be blown across the earth like an empty seed. But if you do have God at the center of your life, you will grow like a tree, by a river, with strong roots.  This is not scripture, verbatim, but a concept, painted from the words in the first Psalm. The first line is a mantra to me.

At one time, I didn’t know what a mantra was. I was stuck with my obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior. At seventeen, I once again tried to leave home. This time by marrying.

I had stepped off a cliff and I fell, til I hit the bottom.

Then I fell again and again and again.

With no education, no money, no nothing; life was not easy.

It whirled and swirled. The days were colorful, but eventually it was all night, no sunrise. My colors blended; thrown together  overlapping, boundriless.  BLACK.

That’s when I turned to God.

Like only the dying can.

The world turned.

I saw beautiful.

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