Beryl / Barrel~Fever

We’ve had a Northeast storm here on the coast of Florida. It landed last night, at Amelia Island. The high winds took out some electricity and knocked down a tree or two. Other than that, everything is OK. The storms are actually a pleasant experience, if you’re in a sound place.

I’m watching the winds and swell direction. When it turns to the west, we’ll have good waves.

I have been reading a book Barrel Fever, pronounced the same as the name of the storm Beryl. It’s written by David Sedaris. It is sarcastic, raw and revealing about the antics of alcoholic families and relationships. The first book of his that I ever read was, Me Talk Pretty One Day. I laughed out loud, sitting by myself. Then I read Dress Your Family in Corduroys and Denim, which I also found to be painfully hilarious. I laugh because I relate.

But Barrel Fever is ‘out there’. Five years ago, I picked it up and couldn’t read it. Now, for some reason I don’t find it as unbearably shocking. I read it and found it to be real.

I wish I could write like Sedaris, but I don’t, I write like me. and me is good enough.

Train Wreck

At one time, my life was train wreck. It was hard for me to recognize it. I know that sounds impossible. How can one not notice a thing like that?

Chem albumcvr trainwreck

I spent all of my time blaming others and being a victim. I cultivated that garden, until I couldn’t hold the hoe any longer.

I collapsed, gave up, gave in and from then on my life got better.

Self-will is a killer. 

No Fear


I took this picture in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a few years back. I thought this little boy was absolutely beautiful. He had a sweet aura ~ for all I know he could be the devil’s child ~

We look at people and we never really know.

I had gotten on the bus with the locals, that worked at the hotel. We rode to the top of the hill, outside the gates of whatever resort it was, I was staying at. The higher the bus climbed, the more bleak and less color there was. I didn’t get a picture, but I remember the brilliance of a rooster, against the grey nothingness that were the hovels, these people call home.

I also remember how, when we got to the top of the hill, I was the only person left on the bus. I felt a tinge of panic. I knew I was in a place that few gringos venture. I told myself to relax. I was there ~ what could I do.

It is my practice, to walk in faith, not fear.

God tells us in scripture that he did not give us fear.

Picture a world where there is no “fear of people”.

It looks like heaven to me.