Beryl / Barrel~Fever

We’ve had a Northeast storm here on the coast of Florida. It landed last night, at Amelia Island. The high winds took out some electricity and knocked down a tree or two. Other than that, everything is OK. The storms are actually a pleasant experience, if you’re in a sound place.

I’m watching the winds and swell direction. When it turns to the west, we’ll have good waves.

I have been reading a book Barrel Fever, pronounced the same as the name of the storm Beryl. It’s written by David Sedaris. It is sarcastic, raw and revealing about the antics of alcoholic families and relationships. The first book of his that I ever read was, Me Talk Pretty One Day. I laughed out loud, sitting by myself. Then I read Dress Your Family in Corduroys and Denim, which I also found to be painfully hilarious. I laugh because I relate.

But Barrel Fever is ‘out there’. Five years ago, I picked it up and couldn’t read it. Now, for some reason I don’t find it as unbearably shocking. I read it and found it to be real.

I wish I could write like Sedaris, but I don’t, I write like me. and me is good enough.

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