Diaz vs. The State of Florida

Fernandina Beach’s illuminous Krytal. Everything here, on the island is bright and shiny, with the exception of air and water.                                                     

In an actual sociology class (I consider my life to be a class), I had an assignment to sit in on three court cases. There was no mandatory crime, just court.

So, I went into the Jacksonville, Florida courthouse and took my seat. I only remember one case from that day.

A small woman dressed in a brown smock, looking like a weary mouse, stood before the judge. Her chin was dropped to her chest. Her hair was shoulder length, black and maybe pretty, four children ago.

Her crime was drawing food stamps, while working at the dreary, Krystal Burger on Beach Blvd. Minimum wage in 1982 was $3.25.

Did she have rent to pay? How did she pay for day care? Was she alone? Were they cold in the winter?

Yesterday was mother’s day, and I thought of Diaz off an on. Did she ever make it? Did she pay the five thousand dollar fine the judge imposed on her?

How are her five children today?

Krystal, we know they do good. They, along with the laws of the land, are complicit in the slow suicide of their regular customers.

You see the results of their neglect daily.

Cheers to Diaz and her children.

Happy Mother’s Day

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