Hopi Proverb

The one who tells the stories ~ rules the world.

If I give this proverb some thought ~truth or fiction~ I just walk away knowing there is power in words and leave it at that.

I have read some of the posts by My Manic Moments. I have commented on one or two. I am impressed by her language and her ability to be very clear. Viewing other’s comments, it’s obvious that people interact with Manic, according to their own experiences and imaginations.

Kudos to you Manic, Happy Mother’s Day.

Hopi Proverb.

Good Dog ~ Bad Dog

My anxieties really took off in the first grade. I guess we all have to be socialized sooner or later, in some form or fashion, according to who we are, what region of the country we live in, and what religion we might be. I was raised in the country and bused in to a private, Parochial school. I’m from North Florida, which is the deep south and I was born Catholic.

In Catechism classes I liked the stories about Jesus, but everything else was terrifying. Sr. John Helene kept telling me that I had to be right with God and Jesus. Then she would tell me that the closer that I was to God and Jesus, the more that the devil would chase me. He would make me do bad things. I had to keep my fingers together at all times, because if I didn’t the devil could weave in and out of the space that was created.

If that’s not a recipe for neurosis, I don’t know what is. Continue reading Good Dog ~ Bad Dog

I Shoot People Too ~ Ten

Patience and perseverance is the key to all success.

I once worked as a fine art framer. In a tiny room, in the back of an antique shop; I framed a David Hockney drawing. That might have been the highlight of my career. My boss was an ex-marine officer, artist and a scholar. Working for this man was as much an education as the degree I was aiming towards. He repeated that line about patience and perseverance all the time. It is engrained in me. Life is about the seconds that we breathe, no doubt; and over time, they create the long haul.

My friend and employer was also a weight lifter and runner. He taught me to run. I’ve done five Jacksonville River Runs,  one Cooper River Bridge Run, in Charleston, South Carolina and the Outback Half Marathon, also in Jacksonville. I can’t begin to tell you all the people ~nay sayers~ on the sidelines that told me I was going to hurt myself, and running was bad for me. I had to train myself to ignore negativity as much as I prepared my muscles and lungs.

I have put running on the back burner for the past few years. I  traded that in for hiking and surfing. But I went running on a bike trail in Fort Clinch National Park the other day and had a great time. Miles and days add up. So do the people who you spend them with.

Make good choices and enjoy life, unless you have other plans.

I summarize this series with a picture of my friend Nick, who I admire for his never-ending ability to do the right thing.

When asked is my glass half full or half empty I must reply, neither.

My glass is always full.

It is full of the seen and the unseen.

I Shoot People Too ~ 9

A big smile and a good attitude will take you a long way in life.

I took this picture at a service in Costa Rica. It was a humble get together. We sang to music, played on an out of tune guitar. We ate food and the pastor shared from scriptures. It was all in Spanish, but I could follow along; kind of. At the time, my husband was very ill and we prayed for his healing. He’s better now, but I face more unusual circumstances. That’s why it’s been a few days since I’ve written.

I just want to say the if you feel fear in your life, you can be sure that it is not from God.

This is not an original thought, but one I like to remind myself of; the good and bad travel side by side like rail road tracks. How you fare will depend on which one you focus on.

Focus on the Good.

Look for the good in everyone

and you will find the God in you.

I Shoot People Too ~ 8


is in the eye.

Each person’s eye ~ I ~, is their personal vision to God. It cannot be shared. It is singular.

If a person does not have God at their center, they will be blown across the earth like an empty seed. But if you do have God at the center of your life, you will grow like a tree, by a river, with strong roots.  This is not scripture, verbatim, but a concept, painted from the words in the first Psalm. The first line is a mantra to me.

At one time, I didn’t know what a mantra was. I was stuck with my obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior. At seventeen, I once again tried to leave home. This time by marrying.

I had stepped off a cliff and I fell, til I hit the bottom.

Then I fell again and again and again.

With no education, no money, no nothing; life was not easy.

It whirled and swirled. The days were colorful, but eventually it was all night, no sunrise. My colors blended; thrown together  overlapping, boundriless.  BLACK.

That’s when I turned to God.

Like only the dying can.

The world turned.

I saw beautiful.