I Shoot People Too ~ 9

A big smile and a good attitude will take you a long way in life.

I took this picture at a service in Costa Rica. It was a humble get together. We sang to music, played on an out of tune guitar. We ate food and the pastor shared from scriptures. It was all in Spanish, but I could follow along; kind of. At the time, my husband was very ill and we prayed for his healing. He’s better now, but I face more unusual circumstances. That’s why it’s been a few days since I’ve written.

I just want to say the if you feel fear in your life, you can be sure that it is not from God.

This is not an original thought, but one I like to remind myself of; the good and bad travel side by side like rail road tracks. How you fare will depend on which one you focus on.

Focus on the Good.

Look for the good in everyone

and you will find the God in you.

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