Time Travel – 1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATraveling has its ups and downs. This picture was taken at the airport, while we entertained ourselves, during a delay. It’s eleven thirty and we’ve already been moving since seven thirty, in the morning. At twelve thirty, Spirit Airlines, informed us, that the plane had mechanical failure and we were shuffled off to retrieve our luggage. That was the beginning of a brutal four-hour wait that lead to the end of our trip, as we knew it.

Five of us turned around and headed home;  two of us continued on our arduous journey.

The following day around one (by my watch), eleven by theirs (Nicaragua’s), we arrived at the surf camp, Nica Waves.

We have already trekked mile of beaches and waves. I’m chasing Bradley with my camera.

Which I will begin again in less than an hour.

So, time to go.

I’ve gotta have coffee and gather equipment.


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