Step 10

Yes there’s more.  More steps and more work to be done. We have dug into our lives; ripped out the weeds, by the roots and had a change of heart. But you’re not off the hook now, nor will you ever be. Life is a  process of change and growth.

Take it easy~don’t be alarmed. It’s all do-able. Think about slowing down. When I chose this way of life, I envisioned myself like a turtle. I carry my house on my back. I move slow, but I can speed up when necessary. When things look dangerous, I can make a quick retreat. I am patient and persistent.

Before I go to sleep at night, I reflect on the day. Do I owe any apologies? Is there something I can do to change for the better?

When I wake up in the morning, first I thank God for another day. Then I ask that my day be void of selfishness and self-seeking.

Step Ten

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