How to bore you ~

PHRASES – bore someone to death (or to tears) weary (a person) in the extreme.

  1. I could tell you what it’s like to be my age.
  2. I could reminisce about my family.
  3. I could talk about surfing, in Costa Rica.
  4. I could fill you in on my latest dreams.
  5. I could share with you about my low body fat percentage, and how I did it.
  6. I could tell you about my tabata and Crossfit work out.
  7. I could complain about the crazy gringos and how they need to slow down!
  8. I could write about the beaches, in Florida, further being destroyed by the “nature” of greed.
  9. I could give you some insight into Celtic music.
  10. I could enlighten you on the need to, and art of meditation.

But instead, I will continue, to watch Netflix.

It seems like the right thing to do.

3 thoughts on “How to bore you ~”

  1. bore (vt) 1. to make a hole with a drill make a well, as by drilling
    3. to weary by being dull
    You are an amazing artist, athlete, musician, and loving being.
    Please enjoy a most pleasant day. ~ Peace, love & harmony

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