Water for Air


I am flying out today, and I’m starting to feel like a fish out of water. I have travelled the flight, round trip, Florida to Costa Rica, about thirty times. I always feel a tinge of dread; the long lines, all the people, the germs on the plane, not to mention I have to start wearing real clothes again.

But, it is the way to get home. I work to enjoy it. By midnight, I will have employed the “Hail Mary” enough times, for there to be peace on earth.

2 thoughts on “Water for Air”

  1. Really cool blog pictures speak a thousand words.It is my dream to live off the land and sea i am a very experienced fisherman and surfer.To live ONE WITH THE OCEAN,ONE WITH THE SEA,ONE WITH MY GOD ,ONE WITH ME IS MY life goal one day at a time.(ONE LOVE).Troy from no peak .com .


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