Happy Daddy~Happy Hui


Rooster and I are back at home; our place in the woods, that we call Camp Tobacco. It’s a homestead, that I share with my family. I’ve tried to create a  hui. A hui, is a bond in a family, that benefits its financial interests. I’m side stepping here, but this post is about family. I learned about hui~from my mother. Also, from reading the Michener novel Hawaii. It is the best book I’ve ever read in my life.

On the last leg of our Southeast Roadtrip, we stopped in Canton, GA and visited friends from Costa Rica. They are the owners of the Mono Congo, my favorite place in the country. When I first met Justin and Kym, they must have been all of thirty. They had two beautiful boys. They have always been a special family to be around. I enjoy watching Justin caring for and playing with his boys, which are now four. They are his OATS;  Adrian, Oakley, Tristen and Shea. They didn’t plan that~


Two Years Old

 Little Boys Are Natural Daredevils



This is Adrian

While waiting on dinner, we got to sit around and chat. Check out the toys.

The next morning we went hiking at the beginning of the Appalachian Trail. I’ve wanted to be in this spot since I was seventeen. I guess that makes it bucket list.

There are 472 steps, climbing to the top of the falls.

Then the hike was over and we had to say good-bye to the Happy Daddy and his beautiful family.

I am so blessed in my life today. On our trip, we visited three very different families and then returned to ours. In my life, I have benefited from my mother’s concept of hui. I don’t take it for granted. I would like to pass that on. Family is important and at its best, can care for one another in a healthy way. I put my best foot forward and place my feet by those that have what I want; like those that I visited, Justin and Kym, Jimmy and Whitney, Connie and the Man.

I want to thank all of my friends for the great trip, and the friends who followed along, you know who you are. And I want to express my thanks, for the help from my family, that made it possible.

Long Live the Happy Daddy~Long Live the Family Hui

Sorry – it was an award winning trip ~ LOL

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