Good and Bad ~ Ring the Bell


Your childhood seemed an endless nightmare./ You learned to surf and ride a horse. Ring the Bell  

You encountered Ann Noreen, a nun with a mental problems./ You received a far better than average education. Ring the Bell

You married too young; into a tumultuous relationship./ You have a beautiful daughter. Ring the Bell

You stalled daily in dead end jobs, trying to support the two of you./ You married again, to someone who loved you both and provided financial stability. Ring the Bell

You drank and smoked pot like a cone head./ You found the willingness to change. Ring the Bell

You had no success in life./ You were given a scholarship ~ doors opened and dreams began to come true. Ring the Bell

Your mother passed away and the larger part of your family divorced you./ You have those that remain; health, prosperity and live a blessed life. Ring the Bell

2015 was a tough year. I watched my friend, die with lung cancer. She grabbed my wrist and held tight. I wouldn’t move. She needed me. Death is so much larger than birth.

I faced some tough decisions. They immobilized me. As I sat on my couch, I planned trips to New York, California, Hawaii and New Symrna. It helped to know, I had friends that would welcome me.

My mother’s home and property has sold (supposedly, as I stay perpetually in the dark) It is the last of her estate. The thread that binds us is being snipped. Cut with a pen, into the burlap bag, smelling of pungent, sweet oats. It has been unravelling and stinking, for years.

I had a friend travel our stomping grounds, of the Westside, to Blair Road. We walked and talked. I said good – bye. We both rang bells.

Yet another great friend made this year.


In my estimation, the circumstances of life run parallel, like train tracks.

It’s a matter of choosing which one you are going to focus on.

Choose the good ~ Ring the Bell


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