This is not the post that I was going to write.

I changed my mind after reading, Ants, by Writingmoose , this morning.

It brought to mind, one of my tenants, who was entertaining the thought of suing me, because he had been bit by ants, allegedly, in my house. I came over to discuss it with him, and he told me that he had been on a picnic in Georgia; which is where he had gone to the emergency room, for his ant attack. My house is in Florida. There was a problem with his story.

I have a lot of ants here in my house in Costa Rica. I just keep my house clean and ignore the ants. What are they going to do really, except behave as an unpaid cleaning service. I do accidentally kill some. I don’t mean to, They are a life.

This brings to mind a woman, Hazel, who lived on the hill in Flamingo. She wanted to hire a pest control company. That is the kind of thing I came here to get a way from. I told her I let the ants be ants. She laughed and said, “I know you’re just kidding”.

About two years ago, this woman was set on fire, by her pool, early in the morning. Her husband had gone out for something. This took place about six a.m.. She had been doused with gasoline. The police suspected a suicide—-WHAT?

That’s how things are around here.

Is there a problem with this story?

2 thoughts on “Ants”

  1. You mean actual ants as in the insects?? hahahaha 😀
    wait, being sued because someone was bitten by an ant.. people can do that?

    personally I do not like them in the house. When I was younger an ant once crawled into my ear, it was awful.


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