Which way do I go?

I woke up this morning. That’s a good thing. I’ve been wondering where am I going to go next.

This way!


That way!

I came here to the Island originally, to avoid the rat race. Amelia Island was an out of the way, fishing village that was unpopulated, had few jobs and great people. The island was known for its characters and I aspired to be one of them. But along came the Amelia Island Plantation, the Ritz Carlton and it was all down the drain from there.

Things change ~ as you get older you just learn to accept it.


I sat by the fire and contemplated-where do I go from here…….

I would like to go to Puerto Rico, but then again, I’d like to go to Tennessee and stop by and visit friends in Charleston on the way. I also have a friend down in Pomona Park, Florida that I’d like to see. That would be a great fishing trip.

In the meantime, while I’m figuring out my next trip, I’m going to head to St. Simon’s GA for the weekend.

I am a sailor (a voyager) without a boat.


2 thoughts on “Which way do I go?”

  1. Is that Tammy? Please tell her I said Hello!! I hope you stay dry this weekend if you are going to St. Simons. Looks like some crazy weather coming!! Love you!!


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