Eye Am Art

I downloaded surf photos for my Facebook Page-Secondhand Surfer . I can study my pictures over and over and never become bored. It was the same way with my painting. I believe S ~ S is just a part of my personal, artistic process. It’s an obsessive observation of life, waves, people, composition and color. It is a necessary part of life. Either you are an artist or you are the other; all being a part of the whole.

Art is not a slice of the pie, but an inescapable layer.

I remember when I was studying for a Fine Arts Degree and I had it set in my mind;  I was going to be a master of the old ways. What was I thinking? I’ve always been hard – headed like that.

But things happened. I finished school. Life changed. First, I went to the jungle for a few years with no paints or brushes. There were no surfaces to paint on. I was jarred into a new reality. I was away from computers, telephones and all things modern. All I had to do, day in and day out, was surf and survive. It was my living.

Being a visual artist, I constantly felt the need to create. It presented itself in the form of building my house and planting my garden. I once put up a fence around my lot, for privacy. My neighbors said it looked like a hula skirt. It was a frame built and covered it with palm fronds. All along, I’ve tried to  make my home look like a fairy tale cottage. It’s not that hard to do in Costa Rica.

As time passed, civilization crept in.

Through the years people came and went. One night, in 2010 (I think)  listening to Latin music blaring louder than music should ever be played, I made some new friends. It was that easy. I just said hello. They were starting a new local magazine, QUE. I began to take photos and write an art column for them. That was nine years into the Costa Rica experience and that chance meeting, quick fix, edited my life.

Everything just fell into place. Poco a Poco.

But now Poco a Poco had a digital flair!

This is one of the articles that I wrote for Que Magazine.268489_231932176829434_7603917_nI’m super grateful to my friend Brian who said yes, when I asked him about writing the article and I’m grateful for Jeff, who went along with Brian, when he had never even met me.

It’s amazing how if you let go in life things unfold.

Everything in my world told me that art is meaningless. But, I always new better.

Eye Am Art

5 thoughts on “Eye Am Art”

  1. Totally awesome!! I would like to keep in touch with you. Please I need someone to take surfing photos of me and my father in a good swell.


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