I am Swimming

I am a Fish ~ In an Eye ~ In a House ~ On a Farm

The air is water. I am water. Protected and encumbered, by a roof and walls. I am here, on plastic. Red plastic. My fingers move on plastic squares, with a roof, over my head.

I see my future. Many people. Rules, lines, plastic cards.

Smile ~ don’t forget to smile.

A fish does not smile. A fish swims.

I am a fish.

A Sprinkle of Childhood

You have one man, with volcanic rage, simmering below the surface of his skin. You have one woman who is iron clad and formidable, prepared to protect the family at all cost. Each has their own story, steeped in alcohol, violence and money. Smiles would turn to grimaces – smile, frown – smile, frown – it was a dodge ball game. You would eventually get slammed.

Then take the kid. Twelve years old, eager to please; anxious to get every detail correct.

The man had given orders, “Go saddle up my horse”. Continue reading A Sprinkle of Childhood

A Sprinkle of Wisdom

This is my Dad.

~Every generation Blames the one before~

I always heard stories of him working at a gas station, when he met my Mom. She use to pass by, because she lived a block away, and he liked the way she walked.

She was fourteen when they married and he was nine years older. I know things now, I didn’t know when I was a kid. Things that happened.

I can look back now and know, sometimes, he tried to share his wisdom with me, but I couldn’t hear him. I was too angry. I was already lost in my own survival.