Hello, Old Friend

It’s 3:30 in the morning and the rain has woke me. I can’t help, but hear it’s relentlessness, on my tin roof. It use to be louder, until I let an asshole stay here, for a while and he insulated over my bedroom, which had become his temporary bedroom. The sound of the rain brings joy to my heart. It promotes contemplation. It heals me. It washes the earth.

That guy was a pain in my ass.

When I was young, on a Saturday afternoon, in the middle of this neighborhood, looking to score, at the local tavern, The Island Bar, and found myself surrounded by police cars, I was shocked to be white.It was so obvious. They were there to break up a fight, I was really wishing I was a different color. They looked at me, cutting their eyes, saying, “what the hell are you doing here?”

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My Dilemma

  1. I am on the couch. It’s my favorite spot.
  2. I cut my hair off short, short, short. I could no longer stand the corn yellow, burnt hair that I did not intend to have.
  3. I do not like where I live. The air and the ocean are polluted.
  4. My daughter has cancer.
  5. My sister has cancer.
  6. The ninth season of The Walking Dead ended.
  7. People on the golf course road have a problem with my old truck.
  8. I need to loose 9 more pounds.
  9. I have to pull weeds in my yard.
  10. I need to find something else to do. I’m afraid it’s going to be another Netflix show.

Keep on keeping on ~

Hello to ALL ~

I just wanted to write, as opposed to not writing.

Put a Flower on it –

I’m sitting on my couch, my daughter laying sixty feet away, suffering with cancer. I have chosen to not write about this, in the past, because it’s too personal, too overwhelming and there has been too much conflict.

I came home from Costa Rica, February 18, 2019, on an emergency ticket. I went straight to the hospital and proceeded to fall apart. Little by little, I have pieced myself back together, as I sit on the sidelines and watch her CANCER process, played out with the doctors, my sister and her father.

I disagree with everything they do.

I’m about living, not dying.

It’s all quite complicated.

Cancer is personal.

Flower or no flower.