Now What

Life is not about never failing ~ but rising from every fall ~

I have been on the island, for 18 months. My daughter had cancer. A long fought battle to survive, ended two weeks ago. Life requires more than a will to live. She never did relinquish. Her body gave out.

She’s in my mind.

A friend wrote me a note saying; grief is pernicious.

I am going to clean my yard.

2 thoughts on “Now What”

  1. Love to you, Cheri. From what you have writtenonly, I know and love Aislinn. And I think of grief often; how it endures and has a life of its own. Cleaning up the yard is the best answer of all. Love Ellie

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  2. In the midst of our challenging days, we sometimes crave peace and quiet.
    When we take a few moments to reflect on God’s love and mercy, we will
    find in that quiet God-filled space the peace that the world has taken away.
    ~peace, love & harmony

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