The Center

The Centercenter |ˈsentər| (Brit. centre

1 [ no obj. ] (center around/on or center something around/on) have or cause to have something as (a major concern or theme): the case centers around the couple’s adopted children | the plot centers on two young men | [ with obj. ] : he is centering his discussion on an analysis of patterns of mortality.
• (be centered in) (of an activity) occur mainly in or around (a specified place): the mercantile association was centered in northern Germany.
2 [ with obj. ] place in the middle: to center the needle, turn the knob.
• Football pass the ball back from the ground to another player to begin a down; snap.

I just finished watching the documentary of Joan Didion’s life ~ The Center Will Not Hold.

I chose the verb, definition of the word center, over the noun, because I believe the center never moves. It’s the world around us, time and events, that affect our lives and emotions. But the center – the noun – stays the same. It’s our solar plexus. It’s our connection with the sun. Let the light shine.

As I sit at my desk, surrounded by the books, that have been so hard to maintain in the tropics. The books that seem to be a center. The ones I paid one hundred dollars, in 2001, to transport here. Words ~ posessions that I have felt like I cannot live without.

They are my connection to my education. They are a connection to my friends, my music, my art. However, they float around my center. If they are ever gone. I will grieve.

They are a connection to my mother.

And one day I too will be dead.

And my center will remain.


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