Looking Back

I was razed in a pool of anxiety

I swam laps in a tub of lard

I ran the race of neurosis

I won the trophy~


I worked out daily at thinking

Lifted weights of anger and fear

I cycled miles of confusion

I grazed on cold cans of BEER.

I had no fault in my losses

It was always somebody else

Who tripped me

or clipped me

or nipped me

Til I fell in the dust on my SELF.

I rose up and looked in the mirror

The problem~stared back at me

It was me all along singing that song


I turned around in an instant

Though it didn’t seem so~at the time

I look back over what lays behind me

And decided to write you this rhyme.

When we’re in trouble physically, mentally and or spiritually, life can be very tough and overwhelming.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Let it be known: I am aware, this poem has a sing song rhythm. However, I liked it, it’s my journal and I hope someone gets something good out of it.

Exercise and Discipline

The day started out with a six o’clock dawn patrol. 

That means, I had to wake up at four, pick up my friend at five, pick up another friend at five-fifteen and arrive at the beach at six. That requires discipline. Then my friends and I hiked a half mile to the River Mouth, my favorite wave; where I picked off four nice ones. That involves exercise.

I have to work to keep my spot in the line-up, I have to paddle to catch the wave, I have to jump to my feet, turn the board for a cutback, then I turn back into the wave, dropping in again to finish the wave. And then, I paddle back out and do it again.

To be able to do that, I have to exercise regularly. I need plenty of strength and lots of oxygen. Today the waves were small, head high, and not much of a challenge. But still, you have to be ready!

But that’s not really the discipline and exercise that I had in mind, when I chose the posts’ title.

I was thinking more in terms of writing my blog. Once you start keeping a public journal, people actually start reading it. That’s how I got in to this. I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs.

I’m a beginner, so I have to work, to learn the WordPress software. They do make it easy for someone like me. However, it still requires time and effort.

I often add pictures to my posts. I think without them, it would be boring and not near as much fun to create. Taking pictures, downloading and editing them can become a job. Not to mention actually learning to use my camera. After years of  taking portraits, documenting parties, holidays, and my adventures; I bought myself a good camera. Some of my pictures, in this, blog are taken on a Canon A495 and some are on a Canon D7.

Today, my goal was to create a link. Just now, when I saw the word discipline change color, I felt that feeling of accomplishment. In Wikipedia, they mention discipline as often being associated with punishment.

Today I find both discipline and exercise to be a source for reward.

Another example; I will go to my yoga class at four this afternoon. It will be my ninth class and I can tell a difference in both my posture and my breath.

And I’m going to need my breath tomorrow morning, when I get up and do it all again.