Looking Back

I was razed in a pool of anxiety

I swam laps in a tub of lard

I ran the race of neurosis

I won the trophy~


I worked out daily at thinking

Lifted weights of anger and fear

I cycled miles of confusion

I grazed on cold cans of BEER.

I had no fault in my losses

It was always somebody else

Who tripped me

or clipped me

or nipped me

Til I fell in the dust on my SELF.

I rose up and looked in the mirror

The problem~stared back at me

It was me all along singing that song


I turned around in an instant

Though it didn’t seem so~at the time

I look back over what lays behind me

And decided to write you this rhyme.

When we’re in trouble physically, mentally and or spiritually, life can be very tough and overwhelming.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Let it be known: I am aware, this poem has a sing song rhythm. However, I liked it, it’s my journal and I hope someone gets something good out of it.

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