Mar Rojo

Abraham and Roy are “road tripping”. They are the proprietors of a unique, very modern, sometimes~in the jungle~business. Mar Rojo is a traveling, trendy, boutique. This novel concept, their venture, is a hit here in Costa Rica.1538844_489212484524716_1229562000_n

Above is a photo, by Byron Zuniga, from the Facebook page, Mar Rojo, taken at Playa Coco.

I encountered these mad men of fashion, at the entrance of Lola’s. I stepped off a dusty trail, on a remote beach, into a menagerie of colorful attire. I could have been on any city sidewalk. IMG_6930

I first noticed that there was something different about this flat, black bus when I noticed the back door – Or the EXIT, for those of us, that journeyed to school, in one of these kid – filled cans with wheels.

I had mistaken them for another invasion of beginners, from some nearby surf camp. IMG_6947

I glanced at their logo, not really reading it. I was ready to get in the water. The waves were three-foot and the wind was offshoreIMG_6948Roy was an amiable host inviting me on board, as I passed by.
IMG_6941These guys have got it going on. They’re young, smart and innovative.




Never dull in the lull.


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