Good Morning!

IMG_7838wppGood morning!

Everyday I want to rise up and enjoy the day the Lord has made.

I’ve been journaling, for around twenty-five years. I began a computer journal in 1997. I have stories, poems, detailed accounts of my life and my feelings. I have to do lists and declarations. I found a magic in writing. It helps to keep me centered.

When I go back and read, I’m always glad that I wrote.

This photo is another taken during Hurricane Sandy. It’s an anonymous surfer. Photographing this storm caught me by surprise. I felt my addiction to the ocean, to my camera and surfing. I talked to so many people, that I would have never met, had I not had my camera.

I will always have a bit of  OCD, ADD, ADHD and a few other letters of the alphabet. But I transform on the beach, vicariously surfing. My camera is my drug.

I really want to give thanks to God this morning, for all that has been done for me.

This is my reality ~ and until my knees bent, back in 87′, I couldn’t make anything work for me.

Tonight, there is going to be a premier for a locally made movie, King of Fernandina, showcasing an East Coast Surfing Association. It is going to be AWESOME.

It’s a different life ~ different world.

Pay It

What a good wave…

There’s so many things that I want to do and want to learn.

I still haven’t been able to make a watermark. Any ten-year old ought to be able to handle that job. Right now, my text will have to do.

I posted a comment on my Facebook page, by Jim Carey. The jest of it was ~ all of the riches in the world will not bring happiness. It’s key to find what you love to do and then give it back.

Remember the movie – Pay It Forward. That’s an idealistic concept that actually works. I never want to forget that.

A Sprinkle of Remembrance

We will not regret our past~nor wish to shut the door on it.

Yesterday, when I was standing on the beach taking photos, the wind was biting cold to me. I didn’t like it at all! My nose began to get cold and I started remembering. I normally don’t mind sharing my memories and telling my story. But for some reason, with this I hesitated. I didn’t want to think about it. Continue reading A Sprinkle of Remembrance


photography………It can be re-done, edited, cropped, colored, manipulated… much as you choose.

Unfortunately, life can not be done over. I was looking through papers yesterday and I was reminded of the date when my life took a significant turn. I thought that I had hit a home run and the future looked super-bright. But that was not the case.

When these things happen, its best to focus on the good.

Focus~a photography term.

Photography helps me to maintain a good attitude~no matter what.

The Duggans

      Meet the Duggans

They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season.

Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.psalms 1 v.3

The father, Doug was out surfing with two of his five children, Lucas and Kayla.

Twenty-five years ago, I was driving Doug and his friends to the break with me. I remember, in one those sessions, some guy in the line-up called me an old woman. That’s funny. I rode a 5’10 Challenger back then. Now I paddle out on a 10’2. I wonder if he’s still surfing? It’s all relative.

~I can still remember Doug’s grandmother, being a voice of encouragement, in my young life~

And speaking of relative, I feel related to the Duggans.

God is Good

God or Gold

Does anyone remember the Tarzan movies, where in almost every episode, someone was killed trying to run with a chest full of gold. I would be screaming in my head, “drop the gold, drop the gold”. But they wouldn’t give up and of course, they would sink into quick sand, or a temple would collapse on them.

When I was able to give up, let go and let God, the world became a different place. It was no longer a hostile and fearful environment. Everything became easier. I didn’t have to make things happen.