Good Morning!

IMG_7838wppGood morning!

Everyday I want to rise up and enjoy the day the Lord has made.

I’ve been journaling, for around twenty-five years. I began a computer journal in 1997. I have stories, poems, detailed accounts of my life and my feelings. I have to do lists and declarations. I found a magic in writing. It helps to keep me centered.

When I go back and read, I’m always glad that I wrote.

This photo is another taken during Hurricane Sandy. It’s an anonymous surfer. Photographing this storm caught me by surprise. I felt my addiction to the ocean, to my camera and surfing. I talked to so many people, that I would have never met, had I not had my camera.

I will always have a bit of  OCD, ADD, ADHD and a few other letters of the alphabet. But I transform on the beach, vicariously surfing. My camera is my drug.

I really want to give thanks to God this morning, for all that has been done for me.

This is my reality ~ and until my knees bent, back in 87′, I couldn’t make anything work for me.

Tonight, there is going to be a premier for a locally made movie, King of Fernandina, showcasing an East Coast Surfing Association. It is going to be AWESOME.

It’s a different life ~ different world.

One thought on “Good Morning!”

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    #30 – this post tells it all. In 87′, I stepped out of the world of competition. I live in a world of abundance. I live one day at a time. I woke up and realized all of my instruction had to be abandoned. A new day was in order for me. A lot transpired between that year and 2012. The photo is from Hurricane Sandy, which marked the beginning of my relationship with DSLR photography. God is good!


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