King of the Peak

IMG_7542wpbBrady McKenzie/King of the Peak

Last night was the premier for the surf movie – King of the Peak. IMG_1148

Rick Chapman, Jessee Chapman, Bradley Dunham, Skyler DeBerry, Jarrod Kaylor and Zach Church

This event, the movie and the contest, was put on by our local East Coast Surfing Association. Rick is a talented surfer himself and invests much of his time, helping to provide a healthy environment for the local youth to compete. These guys are fierce competitors, in the water and friends on land. I know. Through my photography, I am a witness.IMG_1145

Rob and Melissa Ruy + kid in the next row.

I wish I had more pictures, for this post and for my archive. But my camera, the A495 Canon, which is a forty dollar camera, that cost me eighty in Costa Rica, is a piece of junk. Not because it’s a bad camera, but because I’ve dropped it so many times. It’s not what it use to be.

I find myself working with “what I have”.

But most importantly, I have a pictures of this evening, burnt in my brain. I can see their smiling faces. I can see them riding waves.

This morning, I’m sitting in Starbucks listening to jazz, Christmas tunes, and overhearing the few other regulars, talking about football.

Everyone behind the counter is someone I feel like I know.

I have been here in Fernandina since May. I have not spent a winter here, on the island, in twelve years.

In the last seven months, I have been surrounded by families. Good families. People that spend time with their children.

As a matter of fact, Brady, who won the title, King of the Peak, could hand his crown to his Dad.

I’m in a good spot here, for now.

I feel a part of ~so~ Take Me To The Beach ~ where the Sun is ~ my father and the Ocean my mother-I’m surrounded by sand and air and friends-and life has no end………………

Take Me To The Beach

Queen of the Peak

Me and My Hoodie
Me and My Hoodie

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