The BIG Picture

IMG_0289Here we have tourists.

They like many before, have decided that the best place to view the surfers, is directly in front of me, with my camera. At least they didn’t bend over, and start collecting shells. However, if there wasn’t so much action going on out in the water, they probably would have.

We never really see all that’s going on around us.

For one, I don’t have eyes in the back of my head.

In this picture, you’re not aware of me, the surfers, the boats, or the big waves of the North Swell.

You only partially know what these posing spectators look like. They have been fractionally, obscured from your vision.

We never really have all the information.

A vast portion of the big picture is withheld from us.

We can fill in the blanks with our imaginations. But that’s not real.

I don’t even know that they are tourists. I only assume that, because I’ve never seen them before, and they have “that look”.

And I can fancy their thoughts to be, that we have waves like that all the time. Because that’s a common mistake people, surfers and non-surfers share. What ever they experience, on their vacation, is the “state of the ocean”.

Life is not about what is half empty or half full, but what is seen and unseen.

What the Bleep do we know?

That is the WHOLE picture.

And it is LIMITLESS!

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